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I enquired about leasing a 2016 Toyota Sienna and what it entails. I loved the idea at first. I was told that my monthly payments were 396.00 per month and they said I needed to pay that for the first months payment before we continue and I'd need to talk to Finance. After they got that first month they tried to bribe me into paying gap insurance and wheel and tire insurance. Now the payments were going to be higher than what I just paid... Read more

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Balise Toyota - Review in Dealers category from Westfield, Massachusetts
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Just purchased a 2013 Santa Fe. Now only did I have to wait a week before getting my car because they decided to put the car up for sale before they even had the title but I was promised that the car would be completely serviced before taking delivery. after having the vehicle for a week now I decided to order a K and N filter since I always use these air filters on all my vehicles. When I was ready to put in the new filter I pulled out the... Read more

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Purchased 4 vehicles from Balise Toyota with in the last 6 years. The most recent being last week. I traded In one vehicle for another. I was told the newer vehicle was serviced and ready to go. So a bring the car home and order a new filter just because I always use k&n filters in all my vehicles. I find that the filter I pulled out was not changed and indeed needed to be replaced. After that I desired to check the engine oil which was also not... Read more

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They are very dishonest... Trick u into buying the vehicle... The manager makes agreements and then have his fin ice person involve u and u end up paying a lot more then what u agree on with the store manager... Very disapointed.

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we purchased a 2014 Toyota corolla at balise in warwick r.i. the car was show to us dirty so we could not see the bad dent in the door that's #1. #2 we were told the tires were new, my wife was driving and she got a blow out , she purchased the extra care ,but she was told that they would not pay for the tire in full . we were told by a tire dealer that the tires were not new , we do not believe any thing the Toyota dealer told us. Read more

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This place expects you to buy cars based on their sticker price, that's it. I'm amazed they'd rather see you walk away over 1500$ then to live up to their slogan. You will NOT do better at Balise....

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We went to Balise to look at a Rav-4 that was advertised. It was not there. But we saw a 2010 Matrix that looked good and took it for a test drive. John the sales person said lets look at numbers. We got caught up in their financing numbers game. We ended up buying the car for around 12k. Later this week I was looking in the car. I found a sales tag that they accidentally left in the car that showed a sales price for around 9.5 k. I was so mad.... Read more

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I WILL NEVER USE BALISE TOYOTA FOR SERVICE AGAIN A day before I was to go away on our anniversary I went to Balise Toyota for oil service, which turned out to be a nightmare, causing me the next day to arrive at my destination 5 hours later. At first it seemed strange that the car was done very fast, I figured that they were not busy, and the service advisor did say that once in ***, it doesn't take much time. When I got into the car I noticed... Read more

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Purchased a used Nissan Pathfinder in March 2012, the vehicle had approximately 81, 000 miles. In April the transmission started slipping. It was still under warranty and I brought it back. They were very difficult and kept insisting nothing was wrong. Finally, I convinced someone there was, in fact, a problem. They ended up changing the radiator stating it had leaked into the transmission. In January 2013, about 8000 miles late the transmission... Read more

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I would never deal with this dealership again. I lost my key fob to my 2010 Toyota Prius at the Six Flags: New England and this dealership had the nerve to charge me $587.82 to get a replacement key fob without the key. The $588 fee consisted of $250.83 for the actual key fob and $316 worth of labor (3 hours) to reset and program the new key fob. When I got home to Plattsburgh, NY, I asked my local dealership what it should cost to get a new key... Read more

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