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Purchased a used Nissan Pathfinder in March 2012, the vehicle had approximately 81, 000 miles. In April the transmission started slipping.

It was still under warranty and I brought it back. They were very difficult and kept insisting nothing was wrong. Finally, I convinced someone there was, in fact, a problem. They ended up changing the radiator stating it had leaked into the transmission.

In January 2013, about 8000 miles late the transmission died. I since came to find out that there is a widely known problem with Nissan Pathfinders radiators leaking into and causing damage to transmissions. I am thoroughly convinced they knew this and also know my transmission had sustained significant damage last year while it was still under warranty but chose to just keep their fingers crossed, hoping the transmission would last until the warranty period expired. It did and now they refuse to honor the warranty and gave me an estimate of almost $7000.00 to repair it!

I took it to Aamco and they took it apart and stated that the damage was positively caused by the fluid which had leaked into the transmission. The agree with my assessment that Balise to a stop-gap measure hoping to get by the warranty period without having to repair it. Armco is now doing the repair for just under $4000.00, almost $3000.00 cheaper than Balise quoted me. They are liars and thieves and will never get my business again.

I will make it a point to tell everyone I can about this experience and hope to cost them some significant business in the future. I will be taking them to small claims court after getting the documentation from Aamco.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Say what you will. Your only mistake was buying a pre-owned car, especially a Nissan.

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