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Balise Toyota in West Springfield is a joke. I have been having a horrendous experience with them ("been having" because this nightmare, unfortunately, is not over yet). I compare it to a three ring circus without a ringmaster because it is chaotic and no one seems to ever consult anyone else in the place. Plus they might as well just not have managers. They don't accomplish anything, anyways. The day I actually decided to buy the car (a used 04 camry) things went smoothly. I was given a rental car (Yaris...) until my car insurance went through. Well after I got the insurance the problems started.

Problem #1: After the insurance company confirmed for Balise I had insurance I was told by one of the managers to come get my car. I am currently living about 50 mins away, in CT, mind you so it is not as though it is easy for me to just pop by. So I drove up, expecting to get my car. I was 10 mins away when I received a call from a sheepish manager telling me that they had not yet received the title to the car in the mail. ok, so I drive the sweet yaris around for a few more days. not too big a deal.

Problem #2: I attempt to reach Balise concerning a question about my warranty because my handle seems to have broken. 5 hours, too many calls and messages to count later I finally receive a call back and I congratulate the manager by telling him most of his staff in incompetent and he should consider hiring a completely new one. He seems confused. I seem to be developing the habit of grinding my teeth...

Problem #3: I bring my car in to have the handle looked at (and a part of the tinting on the windows that was starting to peel). Service Personelle: "Where did you buy this car?" Me: "Um.. here. why?" Service Personelle: "Your tinting is illegal..." Me: "I see." THEY SOLD ME A CAR WITH ILLEGAL TINTING... after I specifically asked the day I signed the papers if they were legal and was assured that of course they were. after a minor hissy fit (really I am not that hard to please, but this was ridiculous) I left with a 09 camry

Problem #4: I drove the rental car for two days while my car was having its illegal tinting taken off and being retinted (within the legal limit) Drove up to MA today from CT (after taking unnecessary trips to be sure that the tank would be on E upon return..don't worry I made sure I would not be paying for the gas) to get my car... but it is somewhat difficult to drive a car when the managers seem to have lost the keys. after assuring me that there was no problem (the panic on their face said otherwise) the manager and sales associate (who looked precariously close to soiling his pants) finally told me that the problem was and spent about half an hour in luckless pursuit. In the interim I decided to go check out my car. Poor choice in my already fragile state because I learned that the tinting looked as though it had been applied by a intoxicated third grader. After pointing this out to the manager he became strangely quiet and then admitted it did look rather "sh*tty". after agreeing to fix a minor discoloration on my car`s paint job for free, wash and tank up the car (after having the tinting redone of course) he said he would have the car driven down to me in CT when it was ready (and they found the keys I suppose) I am not sure how I feel about this since they might hire a talented animal (dog or ferret perhaps) to drive the car down... plus I want to make sure the tinting doesn't come with complementary bubbles and dirt like the first time.

Problem #5: One of the managers called me yesterday to tell me the car would be brought to me later in the day. He was not aware that my car keys had been MIA several days ago. I couldn't see him but I would be willing to bet he had that vacant stare thing going on that all the managers at Balise seem to be fond of. By 3:00 no one had called me to say they were on their way (or to get the address for that matter). My salesperson called at about 5:00 to tell me they had forgotten they`d told me they would fix the discoloration on my car before bringing it to me. I am hardly suprised. He says they will bring it tomorrow morning. Yeah, right.

Problem #6: It is currently 11am on the day they said they would bring it to me in the morning. I have been trying to call for an hour because I need to let them know if they are going to bring it to me "this morning" I need it before 1pm. I work as a nanny and I am bringing the children to the pool at 1. Hopefully in my car, but I highly doubt it. Especially since all their lines have been busy for an hour. This is ridiculous. Just did some math and figured out I have put about 440 miles on the rental car since I have had it. I have had it since Thursday and it is now Wednesday. haha.

Just heard from one of the managers. Apparently an "elderly couple" is driving my car down to CT for me. I am not quite sure why he felt he needed to tell me their age range. Perhaps so I was assured that it is not, as I suspected, being driven down by a talented dog or ferret. I hope my car smells faintly of a retirement home... jello and urine perhaps.

The funniest thing about this whole ordeal is that I don't even hate these people. They are too nice to hate them. It is one of those things where you just sort of pity them for being so dim, and wonder how they ever found employment, and why Balise chose to hire them. All the times that I should have lost it (learning they didn't have the title after driving for an hour, learning they sold me a car that is actually illegal to drive in MA, learning that they lost the keys to my car and let a drunk third grader apply the tinting...) I couldn't. It's like when a puppy or small adorable child does something wrong. You are angry but you cant really yell. It would be much more satisfying to get good and angry.. but I settle for passive-aggressive rude remarks to them. *** me.

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My friend brought his truck in order to get the recall repairs complete. Much to his surprise he was told it would take 6 months for the parts and repairs to be completed.

In the mean time he would be without his vehicle, but they offered him a small car to drive.

Now that's no way to run a dealership. Just think I going to buy another car , it will not be from Balise if that is how their service department operated!


great review. i laughed out loud a few times.

"jello and urine"...LOL!

thanks for that. it brightened up my Amy Winehouse Death Day.

Wladyslawowo, Pomorskie, Poland #27026

Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience w/ Balise Toyota. Because I live so close I was considering purchasing a new Prius from them , HOWEVER , if this is the way they value their out of state consumers I can only imagine "the back seat" a townie would take ,especially a retiree !!

Again thanks for the heads up. I will put them on the "do not trade w/ these people list", right next to Bertera.

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